Provoque a moment of thought about what indignate me/us/him/her/them. Accompany us/him/her/them to express the indignation through a humoristic way. Collect indignations.

The idea is to use drawings, (if wanted humoristic drawings) to talk about indignations

Place a rope with drawings already prepared or gathered from past actions. As the word career, let people look at them, bring them to express, by talking, or directly by using a drawing. Usually, there’s a lot of obstacles: “I don’t know how to draw, I don’t have idea, it’s not humoristic”… Support and reassure him/her/them/us : “everyone can draw”, “it’s not about the esthetic’s, it’s about the meaning”, “I’m sure some things indignate you : think about your daily life, when is the last time you were angry ? Why ?” It can be oriented to global issues, daily life, the links between both, … It also depend on the other workshops/activities, if there a general theme or no for instance.

Prepare some drawings, overcome your own fears about drawing (if there’s any)

Table(s), sheets of paper, markers/pens, a rope with some drawings already done.

  • We can think about offering a visual interpreter, someone who would draw what another person is saying.
  • Offering a big support so that everyone can discuss in the same frame
  • It usually attracts children a lot, so it’s a way to occupy them while talking with the adults who are with them.