session outline: PHOTOBOOTH

Aims of the session

Raise awareness about perceptions of the world and global issues Invite people to express their opinion with a short statment or body gesture (moving away from cognitive) Share results and raise awareness about topics discussed even wider (on www, FB)


Prepare the photobooth, with a question which is connected with a global issue or reflects a global dimension of ones person involvement in the world matters. The photobooth can be selfstanding or it can be connected with the wordcarrier and other methods (the question connects with the other methods). On a board with question involve links to FB pages where photos will be published (in this way the method can also lead to a small campain on the discussed topic). In the bacground of the photobooth put a cotton map of the world, turned upside down. There should beat least one person animating the public and one taking photos. It helps with additional person who is preparing the boards. Three is optimal.

Working methods

Taking photos, discussion, body expression, writing statements.

Materials needed

Big map, rope, cardboard, marker, paper, camera (polaroid camera or printer).


Its good to have such a method connected to other street animation methods- as an addition also to gain visibility of street actions after actual street action.

The question can be: where do you want to live? And people can show you can  use digital polaroid and share photos, give them the photos and share them on the web) people will be interested to join more, because they get the photo) you can stamp or put a sticker on the back of the photo.