Nowadays the realization of youths about the influence, which they have on social change, is in decline. That’s why it crucial to ensure the youths several different channels, which will enable them greater and more active participation in society.


One of those channels is the street, and that’s exactly the channel are researching throughout the project Global education Agora. SenzibilizAction, Officine Cittadine, Humanitas and Lojtra are linking out different previous know-how from the fields of nonformal education, global education and street methods to develop a new and innovative approach for GE Agora. This approach enables us to raise awareness about global topics throughout the streets, where trained multiplicators animate passersby and create a space for meeting, exchange and activation.


Though two job shadowings, six street actions, issuing of a newspaper, establishing this online platform, which will present new methods and events, organization of a multiplicatory event, observation and support of the followers of the online platform as well as the visitors of the street actions and a series of other disseminative activities we are addressing the so called invisible youths and pulling them into the field of responsible global citizenship.


The used methodology is participatory and originates from the global education approach and methods from the streets (storytelling, public debate, interactive games, simulation games). We encourage other local and national organizations to use this newly developed approach. A special publication of our newspaper in 2018 will point the political decision makers to our work and the work of youths. It will include the more critically informed, active citizens. With this project we contribute to empowering youths, to mobilization of youths from the bottom and to better participation of youths on the streets and broader.


The participating youths increase their global learning competences (aspiration for global fairness, equality, understanding of the global co-dependence, sustainable way of living, respect for diversity, critical thinking, cooperation). They get to know the opportunities and occasions for further self activation and mediation of their own opinions. The performance of the organizations is increasing, as well as their recognition and quality of work. Furthermore the international integration of the organizations is increasing, since we are already planning further partnership projects.


This online platform, developed throughout the project represents a source of knowledge from the fields of GE Agora and will be disseminated internationally, which will enable application and recognition of the approach even broader. You are warmly invited to browse it through and join our cause!