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MUSIC TO ATTRACT Bring people closer to the rest of the animations/workshops/games... No real content, the kind of instrument and music can be focus on "diversity". Instruments and players. Then it depends on the players: improvisation, organization of the play in advance. The play can long between around 5 and 15 minutes, depending [...]

MUSIC TO ATTRACT2017-11-22T03:16:12+02:00


street action: LIVING EXHIBITION AIMS OF THE SESSION: to challenge and refute people's general misconceptions about migration through exhibition to create a link between one individual, personal story and global context to express the story through body language to invite and raise curiosity about the exhibition CONTENT The main goal of »Living exhibition« [...]

LIVING EXHIBITION street action2017-11-22T03:16:24+02:00


INDIGNATED DRAWINGS Provoque a moment of thought about what indignate me/us/him/her/them. Accompany us/him/her/them to express the indignation through a humoristic way. Collect indignations. The idea is to use drawings, (if wanted humoristic drawings) to talk about indignations Place a rope with drawings already prepared or gathered from past actions. As the word career, [...]

INDIGNATED DRAWINGS2017-11-22T03:16:35+02:00

PHOTOBOOTH session outline

session outline: PHOTOBOOTH Aims of the session Raise awareness about perceptions of the world and global issues Invite people to express their opinion with a short statment or body gesture (moving away from cognitive) Share results and raise awareness about topics discussed even wider (on www, FB) Content Prepare the photobooth, with a question which [...]

PHOTOBOOTH session outline2017-11-22T03:16:45+02:00
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